Cannot lower volume of nested event

I have an issue in FMOD Studio (1.06.18) where lowering the volume of an event instance does not affect the volume of a nested event inside. This does only happen for one specific event, but I can’t determine the cause. Setting the volume of the parent instance with eventInstance->setVolume(0) does not have any effect. Lowering the volume in the graphical GUI of FMOD Studio of the parent event does not have any effect on the nested event either. However, increasing the volume does have an effect.

And idea what could be the cause for this?


I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue using a simple example (a nested event playing a single sound). If the problem appears persistent and can be reproduce consistently, I would recommend sending us a copy of the event in a new project to Alternatively, if the setup is fairly simple, you can post screen capture of the parent event and nested event.

Thanks for your reply! I’ve found the issue now, it was a Reverb Send that was on the master channel of the event. Removing it solved the issue.

Not a problem. Glad to hear the issue has been resolved. (refer to comment section of the opening post).