Reload programmer sound without restarting event?

(Nathanael Weiss) #1

I see from the programmer_sound.cpp example that it’s possible to reload a programmer sound with a different effect by calling FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::start(). If the event is already playing this will immediately stop the existing instance and start it again.

Is it possible to reload a programmer sound with a different sample without restarting the event?

(Brett Paterson) #2

Hi Nathanael, Apologoes for the delay, i’m just looking into this for you now. will report back soon

(Brett Paterson) #3

Hi Nathanael,
You dont have to load the sound in the programmer callback, that example just happens to do it there.

If you preload the low level sound, and pass it to the callback, it can be played many times simultaneously by the same event or different events.

You can change the sound pointer the programmer sound callback asks for at any point.
The callback gets called any time the cursor (time or parameter) enters the sound box.

(Nathanael Weiss) #4

Good to know it works this way. Thanks.