Difficulty with double-click while multiple windows open

This has happened to me a few times already, with multiple computers and projects.

Sometimes out of the blue FMOD does a weird thing where I can’t precisely click on a region or a track, or double-click to rename anything, adjust a knob or a fader when I’m inside the tabs (not the browsers). It’s as if the mouse/trackpad doesn’t register the click or the placement of the buttons. I either have to aim the mouse lower or higher than the actual placement of the element, and it’s one or the other.

Here’s what I noticed after playing around. I thought it was a matter of turning it off and on again, cache, memory data, permissions, accessibility options from Mac. I think I figured it out. It happens SPECIFICALLY when I have more than one window (Event Editor/Mixer/Sandbox/Etc.) open but it’s sharing the same window as the other via tabs.

This screen capture video I hyperlinked should demonstrate my point.

Does this happen to anyone else???

Thanks for reporting this issue.

As of the time of writing (February of 2024), FMOD Studio does not support MacOS tabs.

Some users report getting good results by setting tabs to “full screen only,” allowing them to switch to full screen in order to change tabs, then out of full screen in order to resume working.

I can’t imagine myself being the only one reporting on this issue, considering it’s been happening long before September 2023. What’s the latest update on solving this?

The latest update was the one I posted in this thread three days ago: As of the time of writing (February of 2024), FMOD Studio does not support MacOS tabs.

A task to add support for MacOS tabs is present on our feature/improvement tracker, but has not yet been scheduled for development.