Resample 48000 to 44100

I receive blocks of data from the DSP PCM filter for further processing.
Tell me what DSP filter I can use to convert the frequency from 48000 to 44100 in advance.
The channel where the data is coming from is set to 44100kHz, but 48000 comes in to the DSP.

All sounds in FMOD (regardless of source sample rate) will be converted to the system sample rate on playback. You can control the system sample rate via System::setSoftwareFormat.

Thank. But after initializing FMOD and calling system.setSoftwareFormat, I get ERR_INITIALIZED error.
Maybe I misunderstood the use of the function?

// Global Settings
if (Factory.System_Create(out FMODsystem) != RESULT.OK) return false;
if (FMODsystem.getVersion(out uint version) != RESULT.OK) return false;
if (version < VERSION.number) return false;
if (FMODsystem.init(16, INITFLAGS.NORMAL, (IntPtr)null) != RESULT.OK) 
    return false;

int samplerate, numrawspeakers;
SPEAKERMODE speakermode;

res = FMODsystem.getSoftwareFormat(out samplerate, 
    out speakermode, out numrawspeakers);
res = FMODsystem.setSoftwareFormat(44100, speakermode, numrawspeakers);


You just need to call System::setSoftwareFormat before System::init and it should work.

Thank. I will check it. :slight_smile:

Thank! I have checked your solution. Everything is working.