Retrieve Effect Info from Snapshot

Hello guys,

I’ve been experimenting on trying to retrieve a specific Effect info (Reverb, for example) from a snapshot. I Created a snapshot and overwrote the Reverb effect inside FMOD Studio. I exported the .bank and I’m retrieving the snapshot as an EventInstance in the code. The problem is that from this moment on I don’t know how to retrieve the info/properties of the Reverb Effect.

My intention with this is to enable the audio designers to create the Reverb Presets on FMOD Studio and to dynamically apply it’s properties from the snapshot to a Reverb3D instance created via code.

Any idea of how can I achieve this?


I know that in theory I should make use of the EventDescription, but it seems that I cannot retrieve Effect data from it. I just cannot dig more into it, because all the calls are dll calls and I don’t seem to have found any call that would retrieve some similar info.

By design the internal details of studio events are not exposed by the API.

That’s sad :frowning:

This would really help in improving the workflow between Audio Designer and Programmers, otherwise we would still have this dependency somehow.

Any chance of having this someday in the roadmap?