Rotating 2D sounds/atmos with player orientation

Hi folks,

As AmbiX are not natively supported yet, I’ve always wondered what the best way is to rotate stereo atmos in relation to player orientation.

I stumbled on a way to do this and wondered if anyone had further thoughts on if this method is a good or bad idea.

By adding the spatialiser to the Event Master, removing attenuation and automating 2D Pan Mix Axis with built-in Event Orientation param, the soundscape rotates with the listener, and the Mix knob offers a blend between 0% (less spread/with) and 100% (full spread/width of a normal non-spatialised 2D sound).

I think 0% is more naturalistic, as there would be crosstalk/HRTF stuff in real life too, but I’m curious to know if anyone has more experience doing this than i do.

Here’s the automation in FMOD:

and the end result, first with test file then game atmos (Mix was set to 100% here, so bit extreme):