Orientate Effect Return to Listener

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I have a sound that is being sent to an Effects return track with reverb and delay on. I 'd like to trigger my 2d sound and then have the return signal orientate to the listener rotation so I hear the sound keep it’s position when it plays and I rotate the listener/player on the Y axis.

Thanks so much!

What’s the 2d sound? Can you tell more about the type of game, the type of camera view and the purpose of what you’re trying to do?

Hey thanks for the reply,

So it’s a whistle. it’s a perspective view camera. I’d like to blow the whistle in 2d, then the echo would activate but if I rotate the player/listener then the echo is going to move with it, I’d like the keep the echo in the general direction it was when I blew the whistle. I think in Wwise there was a checkbox that was just called ‘orientate to listener’ wondering if fmod has something similar if if I’m gonna have to code it.


I’m still not sure to get it. If I get it right, you’ve set a spatializer on the effect return bus, but not on the master track, and you’d like this return track to be spatialized in a static way (only at start, but not updated). Should the attenuation also stay constant, if the player goes away from the emitter? And I guess the camera rotates with the player, isn’t it?