Runtime audio file implementation?

I’m working on a project where we are using FMOD to handle sound events in Unity. Some of the sounds for this are generated when the game is running using a text-to-speech library to create .wav files on demand.

Is there a good way to handle these files in FMOD?

You can use wav files but you will have to create and control them through the LowLevel API:

Hey, I have the same question, however the link seems not to be valid anymore. I can’t find any info regarding this problem.

I’m also dealing with a soundfile that is exported by a TTS. That I’d like to run through FMOD and playback in Unity.

I think the successor to that doc would be the 3D Sounds Whitepaper.
For posterity, here is how you playback a raw wav file using the FMOD core API in Unity:

var system = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem;
system.createSound("path/to/tts.wav", FMOD.MODE.LOOP_OFF, out FMOD.Sound sound);
system.playSound(sound, new FMOD.ChannelGroup(), false, out FMOD.Channel channel);