Voice chat Unity

I am creating a multiplayer game that will capture the microphone voices from the players and send it over the network to the other players. I am using the steamworks Voice API to capture the player voice and I have a working system for this.

Now, I have an array of bytes incoming on the client side. What would be the recommended approach to play this in Unity using FMOD?

I do have a semi-working solution where I turn the bytes into an AudioClip, then create an FMOD.Sound object from that. Then I create an instance of a programmer sound, copy in the FMOD.Sound handle and play this. However the end result is a choppy, and I am clearly loosing some of the information along the way.

I am fairly new to FMDO, so I apologize if there is an obvious answer to this question.


There is a thread here that is implementing something similar: Vivox to Unity OnAudioFilterRead to FMOD programmer sound. Stutters/crackling

We are currently working on smoothing out some of the issues, hopefully, we can find a solution that works for everyone.

There is a task to add an instrument to streamline this process. I have noted your interest.

Hey connor is there any news on this … an instrument to streamline this process would be absolutely enormous.


Unfortunately, the task is still in our backlog. I will note your interest and once there are updates I will post them here.