Save Multi Instrument Random Audio File Selection As New Event

Hello and thanks for looking over this.

I’d like some help creating a system to store and manage combinations of multi instruments please.

I have a game play scenario where the player selects 4 options. This triggers an event. I currently have it set up as a timeline event. 4 Multi Instruments, with a playlist of 4 audio files per mutli, each on it’s own audio channel. Each Multi is set to random.

Each time the player selects 4 options it creates a new sound as the playlists select random assets from their respective playlist.

I’d like to save each new combination of audio files, generated when the player selects the four options and the multis play. I need to save the combination as a new event that I can then recall.

I’m comfortable using parameters to trigger the event. Where I’m struggling is working out how to “save” each version.

I’d be enormously grateful for any thoughts on how to achive this.

Thanks in advance.

Multi instruments are not the tool for this task. They’re not designed for it; they have no built-in mechanism that would let you identify and record which of their playlist entries have been selected for playback.

Furthermore, it is not possible for your game to create new events on-the fly at run time. Events must be created in advance.

You could theoretically achieve the behavior you want by other means, such as by replacing the single instruments in the multi instruments’ playlist with event instruments, and using set parameter command instruments in the corresponding referenced events to set a series of global parameters as a way of saving the unique combination of instruments for later playback by a purpose-designed event containing instruments with parameter condition-based trigger logic… but it would be a great deal of work to set up, and would not scale well to large numbers of “saved” sound combinations.

It would be much easier, however, to create the behavior you want by using your game’s code: Create one or more events that play different sounds depending on the values of four different parameters; when your player selects their four options, generate a set of four random numbers and store them; and use those numbers to set the values of the parameters each time you play an instance of that event.