Scatter Sound not looping When I press "Play" in UE4

My scatter sound in Fmod is not looping when I go to play the game in Unreal. When I press “Stop” and audition the sound in the “World Outliner” tab it plays the scatter sound fine, looping and all. When I press “play”, it plays the first couple sounds of the scatter sound, but then it stops right there. I have a Single Instrument sound in an additional track above the scatter sound and it just continually loops that single instrument sound = no scatter sound loop. ??

…so at this point I have not received a reply. I am currerntly using Fmod 2.00.07. I am going to reinstall with Fmod 2.00.06 and re-integrate that version to see if I have better performance.

Turns out in order for the event to update properly in the level. You have to delete the Fmod event out of the level and drag it back in. I’m a newbie to UE4. I tried doing this earlier on the wrong level, apparently my designer/artist changed the name and location of the level in the project - live and learn.