Scatterer sound doesn't seem to loop in UE4

In FMOD Studio I added scatterer sound to sound event, added loop region to it. It seems to play looped in FMOD Studio, but in the game it only plays once (the length of the scatterer sound) and does not loop :confused:

How can I make it play looped in UE4 (or set it up properly in FMOD Studio) ?

Thanks beforehand

Setting up a scatterer on the timeline with a loop region should work. There are a few things you can do to track it down:

1.) Play the event in FMOD Studio and make sure it still plays and produces sound.

2.) Build banks then open the FMOD Studio Sandbox and drop the event in there. The Sandbox simulates a game more closely, including the stopping behaviour. If you play the event in the sandbox, see that it stays playing, and produces sound. If it stops there, make sure you have your loop region correctly set up on the timeline.

3.) Run UE4 PIE and connect via FMOD Studio, then record a profile session. After the session finishes, you can look at the lifetime view and see that the event stays alive as you expect. You can also see the metering levels to make sure it is still producing sound, and the channel count to verify it is still playing channels (voices).

  1. It does, but after playing so many loops it stops playing sound:

  2. It plays for a while in the Sandbox (not like in #1; it seems just only one loop plays) and then stops

  3. Not really sure how to do all that. I didn’t see video tutorial about this kind of profiling. Am I missing docs/vids on the subject ?

I e-mailed support.