Scatterer instrument - play only one instance of each instrument in playlist

I have a scatterer instrument containing multiple single instruments in the playlist. (These are each 32 bars of music). I´m able to get the scatterer instrument to spawn a new instrument from the playlist every 8 bar, but: I want to hear only one instance of each instrument. So: If e.g. instrument A is playing, it wont spawn again until it has reached its end - but the other instruments in the playlist can be spawned according to the Spawn interval.

How many instruments are in the scatterer instrument’s playlist? If it’s at least four, this should just work without requiring any special effort, provided that none of the entries in the scatterer instrument’s playlist has a set play percentage.

Thanks @joseph. That was the issue. I had only three instruments in the playlist.

Ah, that makes sense. If you’re starting a new instrument every eight bars, all the instruments are thirty-two bars long, and there’s only three instruments, then there’ll inevitably come a point when you need to start a new instrument but all three instruments are already playing.