Scheduling event start with sub-frame accuracy

Is there any way to schedule an event trigger to an exact audio time? We’re using Unity which makes this possible through the AudioSource.playScheduled function—we have been using this to time audio playback exactly to in-game events. We’re now trying out FMOD Studio but can’t find similar functionality.

What we’re trying to time is a 72bpm beat, each beat of which plays when an in-game clock ticks over each hour. All other audio is tied to sub-pulses within that beat. Triggering the event manually at the appropriate time results in a slightly erratic beat (and is frame-rate dependent), and making the event loop at 72bpm doesn’t give us the control we need. Is there a way we can get this going reliably with FMOD Studio?



There’s no way to do it with starting new studio event instances.

You may be able to work around this with nested events quantized to the BPM of the parent event.

But there is no concept of a global timeline/global BPM in studio.

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