Scripting API: tempo markers & TransitionDestinationSound


I’m in the process of trying to do custom scripts for some operations I have to do on a ton of events, and I’m not sure if some of the things I’m trying to do are not possible currently, or if I just didn’t find them yet.

Here’s the list of what I’m trying to do (in bold what I didn’t manage to find):

  • Add a tempo marker at the start: there doesn’t seem to be a function for that, is that correct?
  • Add a NamedMarker at start: addNamedMarker.
  • Find the position of two bars before the end of my only Single Instrument in the event: I can’t seem to find a way to get the instruments on the event.
  • Add a Transition to that named marker: addTransitionMarker
  • Add a condition parameter to that transition: addParameterCondition
  • Create a transition timeline: By default it’s null, and unless I manually open it, I can’t find how to make it non null.
  • Change the transition timeline length: transitionTimeline.length
  • Keep playing source during transition timeline: transitionTimeline.modules[0].length
  • Start playing destination during transition timeline: I’m not too sure. It looks like transitionTimeline.modules[1].length should do the trick, but it has weird effects I don’t really understand.
    If I just set it to some values, it only changes the yellow line in the line with the time/bars. I tried to drag it manually, then update the length through the console and ended up with that weird result:
    Is that a bug?

And that’s all for now! The scripting API looks very cool, but it’s a bit complicated to find detailed info on what can be done beyond the high level described in the doc.

Edit: Just thought it may be simpler if I just put the code I have with what’s missing:{
    name: "Scripts\SetupLoop",
    isEnabled: function () {
    var markers = studio.window.editorSelection();
    return markers.length > 0 ? true : false;

    execute: function () {

        //TODO: Check timeline first track single instrument length to get the transitionbarIndex automatically
        var transitionBarIndex = parseInt(studio.system.getText("Transition bar", "0"));
        var transitionTime = (transitionBarIndex - 1) * 4 * 60 / 105;
        var transitionDuration = 2 * 4 * 60 / 105;

        var events = studio.window.browserSelection();
        for(i = 0; i < events.length; i++)
            var e = events[i];

            //TODO: Add a tempo marker on first markerTrack

            if(e.markerTracks.length < 2)

            e.uiMaxMarkerTracksVisible = 2;

            var mt = e.markerTracks[1];

            var nm;
            if(mt.markers.length > 0 && mt.markers[0].position == 0)
                nm = mt.markers[0];
                nm = mt.addNamedMarker("Start", 0);

            var tm;
            if(mt.markers.length > 1 && mt.markers[1].position == transitionTime)
                tm = mt.markers[1];
                tm = mt.addTransitionMarker(transitionTime, nm);
                tm.addParameterCondition(studio.project.lookup("parameter:/KeepLooping"), 0.5, 1);
            //TODO: Create the transition timeline if it doesn't exist.
            if(tm.transitionTimeline != null)
                tm.transitionTimeline.length = transitionDuration;
                tm.transitionTimeline.modules[0].length = transitionDuration;
                //TODO: Set destination transition length to transitionDuration as well
                //TODO: Make sure there's no fade curve on either of the source or destination transitions

Note: It somehow looks like accessing the transition timeline or changing its length through the API corrupts it or something, as if I try to manually drag the destination blend into it, it does the same kind of weird thing you can see in my screenshot above.

Is this not the correct section?

I do find the same bug when trying to set the destination length in the console. By the way, can you point me where exactly did you find this “transitionTimeline” in the scripting API doc ? I didn’t manage to find it…

I think I just found it by experimenting with auto-completion in the console! The doc seems to only points at the “high level” things.

Hi, just in case, no answer on that? The parts about creating and manipulating the transition timeline would especially be useful to me!

Creating transition timelines require a transition timeline to be created first and then attached to a transition marker/region.

nm = mt.addNamedMarker("Start", 0);
tm = mt.addTransitionMarker(transitionTime, nm);
var transitionTimeline = studio.project.create("TransitionTimeline");
tm.transitionTimeline = transitionTimeline;

Currently we don’t have the Source/Destination handles exposed in an easy to use manner for scripting. You can either keep the script as is and manually add the Source/Destination fades manually or use the following script to create them and manipulate them as instruments:

sourceSound =  studio.project.create("TransitionSourceSound");
sourceSound.audioTrack = event.groupTracks[0];
sourceSound.parameter = tm.transitionTimeline;

destinationSound =  studio.project.create("TransitionDestinationSound");
destinationSound.audioTrack = event.groupTracks[0];
destinationSound.parameter = tm.transitionTimeline;

This works perfectly, thank you so much! It’s gonna save me a LOT of time :sweat_smile: