Send triggers to Unity from FMOD markers

Hi all! New here… wondering if it’s possible to put markers in a VO event in FMOD that could fire off triggers in Unity. We have text that we want to animate, so would it be possible to have destination markers that pop up on each word and can be recognized by Unity to trigger an animation? The sentence would be one event in FMOD with multiple markers or parameters (if that’s the best way) that could be seen by Unity.


Yes, we have FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_TIMELINE_MARKER which is called when the timeline passes a named marker.

We have a Unity example using this callback: Unity Integration | Scripting Examples - Timeline Callbacks.

Hope this helps!

Excellent! Thanks for getting back Connor… for now we just have the text timed to come on at a sort of generic speed and it’s lining up pretty well, but I’ll pass this on to the programmers. Appreciate it!

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No worries, if there is anything else we can assist with please do not hesitate to ask.