Sending markers to Unity?


How do I send markers to Unity? I’m using Destination Markers in this music track event, and the idea is to pass these markers labeled “LowBoom” to trigger visual effects at their positions:

Our programmer tells me the markers aren’t being passed to Unity, or at least we can’t seem to find where to view them. As a test, we were able to pass beat information (bars and beats), but not the Destination Markers which we need.

Additionally, is there a way to see a list that would contain all the markers present in a given FMOD event? Before actually playing through that event, that is?

An example of how to recieve callbacks when the playback position passes a destination marker can be found in our Unity integration documentation.

As of the time of writing (June of 2021), there is no way to get a list of the markers in an event via the FMOD API. If you need a list of the destination markers in an event, you will have to obtain it by looking at that event FMOD Studio.

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This thread here claims to have a solution to obtaining all the markers present in an event: Link here

I haven’t used it, so I can’t vouch that it works, but it seemed to work for other people.

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When the markers get passed to Unity, where do we view them?

Actually, our programmer got the markers to show up by using that implementation you linked. But right now it’s apparently querying the situation on every frame and we were wondering what’s the best way to do these things.

I’ll rephrase:

What’s the best solution to get a, say, lightning strike to happen whenever a marker is passed from an FMOD event to Unity?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently provide code-level support though this forum.