Sending custom data to DSP plugin from Unity

I’m new to FMOD and trying to work with the Unity integration provided for FMOD Studio. My objective is to write a DSP plugin that gets data (location, mesh data, anything really) and uses it to do further audio processing. I’ve been able to create a custom DSP effect both as a plugin for Studio as well as in code for an application. The integration for Unity seems to only be able to access the studio level API, so this being true, is there any way for me to pass data from Unity, through Studio, to the plugin. I know there is user data that allows for any data to be set in the plugin, but I’m not entirely sure what the pipeline is from Unity / if there is one. If not, is there any way to get this done in Unity?

Also: The low level API seems to have a callback for setting custom data in the dsp description structure. This seems like what I should be using? But I’m not sure how… or if that’s correct.



Sounds great, I sent an email over to
On another note, is there a specific date of when will the Low Level C# API be officially released?


Hi s_anand,

There are symbol conflicts on iOS which prevent us including the low level api in the Unity integration, if you aren’t targetting iOS then it is possible to use the Low Level API. We will be releasing our C# API for Low Level and Studio with 1.3 in the coming weeks, which can use to replace fmod.cs in the integration for Low Level API access. If you would like early access please email