How to get input/MIDI into a FMOD Studio plugin

I built and imported one of the Cabbage example instruments as a plugin instrument. Now I need to get input/notes from Unity/C# into the synthesizer and I can’t figure out how to do this myself, how do I do this? I am not talking about parameter updates, I know how to do those, but I need to get at least MIDI into the plugin even though my goal would be to get custom data into the plugin in order to create a microtonal synth. Is there a way to get a reference to the plugin instrument inside Unity that I missed so I can call a function to feed the plugin with Input (for example MIDI)? I’m kind of lost at this point and feel like I tried everything out…

I suggest you take a look at what is done in the Resonance plugin, that plugin needs side channel data from a Unity object to control it which sounds similar to what you want to do. Assets/Plugins/FMOD/addons/ResonanceAudio/Scripts/FmodResonanceAudio.cs

They dig through the FMOD object hierarchy to fetch the DSP, then use a data parameter to feed data in.

Thanks a lot for the help! I’ll look into the code and I’m happy to hear there is a way to achieve what I’m trying to do. I really prefer to do have all the audio generated and mixed inside FMOD.