FMOD Studio + Unity integration?

I am a sound designer currently working with a small team of developers using the Unity engine. I’ve been experimenting with FMOD Studio and am really inspired by it’s capabilities. I’m having a difficult time finding a guide on how to use FMOD for a Unity project however.

What i’d like to be able to do:

  1. Get Unity to send listener position and sound object positions to FMOD so I can design the soundtrack from within Studio.

  2. Build my FMOD studio project and integrate back into the Unity project for final output.

I see in the FMOD drop down menu “Connect to game…” and it asks for IP (default local host). Is this the method by which Unity parameter data can be sent to FMOD to control my sounds?

Thanks for your help. I’d love to be able to use this in my current project, but the developers on the project would prefer that I use the built in Unity sound engine. If I can show them how my FMOD Studio project can integrate, they will allow me to use.

Thanks so much!