SetPause(false) stops the current eventInstance

When I call SetPause(true) I can see that the state using EventInstance.getPlaybackState() == PLAYING and the time of the eventinstance remains the same (indicating that the eventinstance has paused)

When I call SetPause(false) playback state goes to STOPPING, then STOPPED and the event doesn’t resume playing.

Is this a known bug, or am I using it incorrectly?


Anyone else experiencing this problem?

If I’m reading the docs right the playback state should stay the same when pausing an EventInstance.
I can’t remember experiencing your issue. I assume that would only occur if you stop the EventInstance before un-pausing it.

For this case I start the event instance, pause it when loading a scene, unpause it when reloading the menus scene, and the song stops.

So I found out the issue for anyone interested.

I was calling:
When leaving the scene (which turned out to be old code that had been forgotten about)

This stopping the event instance when the SetPause(false) was next called by me.

Thanks for your help @alexzzen . Much appreciated!