Setting up locations for track play within a single FMOD event

I want to be able to split up the play locations for an event by track. This way I could sync several tracks inside of one event, but set each track’s individual play location within UE4. Possible?

Hi Jeff,

This is definitely possible. You will need to use automation and parameters to control the volume of each track depending on the value of the parameter.

For an example, take a look at the Music/Level 02 event in the Examples project.


But can I use track parameters to separate the location of each track’s source in-engine? What would a Vector 3 parameter look like for each track within the single event?

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. No, you cannot set 3D positioning on a per-track basis. You would need to use separate events in order to set different locations on them.

In that case, is there a way to sync up multiple events? I want to position tracks of music independently and dynamically, so I think I’ll have to run multiple events in order to get the positioning right–but I don’t know if I can get those tracks to sync up with each other.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to get different events’ timelines synced with each other. Even if you create and play the event instances in the same update there’s no guarantee the timeline’s line up exactly.

If you really need separate events to be individually spatialized, you can use the Transceiver effect set to Transmit on each of the tracks in the music event (which isn’t spatialized), and have the Transceiver effect set to Receive on differently placed spatialized events. This way you can have a single music event with all the tracks synced up, but each outputting to individually spatialized events. Keep in mind that the Transceiver effect is limited to 32 channels.

This is incredibly helpful. Thank you.