Sidechain FMOD track from Unity

Hi everyone, hope someone can guide me here.

I would like to sidechain the music track by the SFX audio track. If SFX and music where in FMOD I would know how to achieve the result, the problem is the SFX are implemented directly into Unity. Is there a way to create this interaction between a unity audio mixer track, and an FMOD track?

Thanks in advance!


Both Unity’s built-in audio and the FMOD Engine are designer to be stand-alone audio solutions, and have no ability to talk to each other. They can be used at the same time (on some platforms), but much each be controlled separately by your game, and have no ability to interact with each other directly.

If you want to sidechain a track on another track, either both tracks must be played by Unity’s built-in audio, or both must be played by the FMOD Engine.