I just want to add FMOD to my excisting Unity project for adaptive background music


I’ve spent the past few months developping a game in unity, and I wrote many scripts for this game regarding the randomizing of audio, and other things liike this.
Now I just want to add my FMOD project to the game for just background music, I don’t need all the great features FMOD offers, just some simple adaptive background music.
The setup wizard tells me that I have to disable the unity sound listner and unity audio as a whole.
I don’t want to do this since I’ve already put lots of hours into the sound in Unity and I don’t want that time to go to waste.

Is there a good way to use FMOD next to unity instead of startiing all over again for all the audio in the project?


Using FMOD alongside Unity’s audio system shouldn’t be a problem - we recommend disabling Unity audio to save on system audio resources, but you can handle audio like your adaptive BGM through FMOD while keeping Unity audio enabled. The only exception to this is if you’re planning to build for Xbox, in which case FMOD will fail to initialize if Unity Audio is enabled.

Thank you for your reply!
It turned out that I wasn’t able to use both at the same time when importing FMOD through the unity package manager, but when I downloaded FMOD as a file from the website and imported the package that way everything worked out fine! I’m now using both at the same time without any issues.

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