sidechain ok in fmod, not in game

Hi there,

I have an issue with my sidechain.

My “Vocal” group ,containing lots of programmer instruments, is sidechaining the “Music” group .

When i try my sidechain in fmod, it’s all working fine (In the purpose of hearing it, i create a “fake” event, in my vocal bus, with a classic event instrument ).

BUT , when I launch my game , after saving and building , the sidechain does not respond. Worse, when I remote my game I clearly see the compressor is working , but it’s compressing the music all along, and doesn’t care of my sidechain.

What am I missing?
Is there something special to do?


Hi Orionye,

Events with programmer instruments should work exactly the same way as any event with regular instruments. I’ve tested in 1.08.00 and latest 1.10.05 and the sidechaining for these buses behave as expected.

Would you be able to send over a small reproduction project to and we’ll take a closer look? There might be a small property or other such thing we’re not seeing here.


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