Sidechaining works in FMOD but not in UE4

I set up sidechaining in the mixer window using different buses. For example, when dialogue happens it ducks the volume of the environment ambience and the music. It works fine within FMOD. However, after I save and re-build the bank. I go to play the game in Unreal Engine 4 and there is no sidechaining/volume ducking happening at all.

I’m using FMOD 2.00.07 and Unreal Engine Version: 4.24.2-11100242+++UE4+Release-4.24

Can you confirm that you have built banks for the latest FMOD Studio project and these banks are being used by Unreal Engine? Are there any errors in either FMOD Studio or the Unreal Engine console?

I discovered the issue. Turns out I had the ExploreMusic event being referenced in a “FinishlLine” event music change - ExploreMusic is what needed to be ducked. Where when the value is 0 the ExploreMusic event plays and when the value is 1 the ending “WinMusic” plays and stops ExploreMusic. I had to take the original ExploreMusic event I placed in the level out because the “Finish Line” event with the 2 referenced music events(ExploreMusic & WinMusic) within the parameter tab was already looping the ExploreMusic on top of the original ExploreMusic placed in the level when we first started building the level weeks ago. So it sounded like the ducking was only working by half the amount. After taking the original ExploreMusic out and only leaving the “FinishLine” music change event in that’s attached to a UE4 GameOver trigger = the sidechaining/compression now works as intended. I had to put the FinishLine music change in the bus to be ducked, not ExploreMusic.