Bank issue in UE4 and FMOD Studio

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I’ve been using FMOD Studio and UE4 and so far I’m very happy with the superfast iterations times and the overall workflow. Recently I have a little issue though:

I wanted to use a few new events (created with FMOD Studio) in UE4 but unfortunaly I can’t hear the sounds. They show up in the UE4 browser and I also already tried to close & restart the session. When I tried to put them in other banks, all of a sudden they can be heard. I tried to put them into new created banks which also doesn’t work. Now the events from the previous bank also don’t work anymore.
I checked everything from the settings in UE4 or FMOD Studio but so far I wasn’t able to recreate the issue.

Does anyone have the same issue or experience / solution?
Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Can you double check that the events are assigned to banks and the new banks have been exported into the content/FMOD/Desktop directory?

Also double check that the “Load All Banks” option in the FMOD plugin settings is still ticked. If that is turned off then the events will appear in the browser but won’t play in-game unless the banks are manually loaded via blueprints. Another way to check this is to put the event into the master bank, so it will always be loaded no matter what that setting has.

Hi Geoff,

thanks for the fast response.
Yes, I double checked if they are assigned to a bank (+ directory). The odd thing is that other banks worked perfectly fine (same directory etc.) .

I also checked if the “Load All Banks” option in the FMOD plugin settings is ticked.
The strange thing was that it didn’t work even in the Master Bank.

I restarted the entire FMOD Studio Session (as well as UE4) and rebuilt the bank again, and it seems to work now, but i have now idea if a simple restart of the session solves the issue with creating banks.

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Hi Geoff,

I just wanted to let you know that the issue occurred to me again (No sound playing although everything seems to be perfectly fine in UE4 etc.).

This time I tried to narrow it down as much as I could (UE4, Bank, Files, Parameters etc.).

It turns out that the FMOD “Distance Filter” as Plugin on a Single Track of an Event is causing this issues. As soon as I insert the Plugin into the channel it affects the ENTIRE bank (resulting in no sounds beeing played from that bank).
I could perfectly recreate that issue any time.

When I’m not using the plugin everything runs like it should.

I hope this could help you guys or anyone else who might have the same issue.


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Hi Ulrich,
That makes sense, I believe it should print warnings when that occurs but I can double check. To use any plugin, you will have to add the plugin .dll name (without extension) to the plugin name list in the plugin settings.