Sidechaining between Events


I am working in UE 4.12 with FMOD 1.08.
How to make sidechaning compresion (or voulume) between events?
I got one event and it is playing in a loop and I got another event which is triggered from time to time. I want to duck first event with second event so when second event is trggered, first, looped event is compressed.

I know I can do it easly with channels, inside one event, but I can’t figure it out how to do it form one event to another.

Thank you.

Technically, you can’t compress one event based on another event. What you can do is compress the group bus an event routes into based on a sidechain in another bus. You could also control the volume of a group bus with a snapshot triggered by your intermittent event.

In other words, try to do this in the mixer, not the event editor.


I will,

Thank you.

This is a downgrade in the Fmod version, before you could made sidechaing between events in the mixer, without problem, because you could see the events in the mixer like inputs, now the events are only event in the mixer, and if you want to make a ducking between event and other, you have to separate your event of your group of events and put alone in a new group.

I don’t like this…

As mentioned in this question (, input buses were removed from FMOD Studio as part of a series of performance improvements. It is true that this particular change adds an extra step to your workflow in some circumstances, but those circumstances are thankfully rare, and we believe the performance improvement is substantial enough to be worth it.