Hello everyone! I’m new in the forum. I’m trying to create a sound for drifting inside a video game machine. I wanted to ask for help regarding paramatri to insert in fmod to create precisely a degummed. I need the type of terrain, the machine speed, steering angle? and what else? Thanks in advance

I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble parsing this question. What do you mean by a ‘degummed?’



There is no one right way to create a skid event, or any event. Every game project has different requirements; A game about drift racing may demand deep skid simulation with all the parameters you mentioned and more, but a game that only features cars in one scripted sequence might only need a few pre-baked sound files with no variation.

For each event you design, you need to look at your project’s requirements and goals, consider how much development time and resources you have available, and make a judgement call about what type and depth of dynamic behaviour is most appropriate. Only you know what your project’s requirements and constraints are, so only you can make that kind of decision for your project.

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We use a combination of Skid Energy and Skid Angle. Energy is calculated by the amount of tire slip on the ground and is used to crossfade between multiple samples that range from higher freq tire chirping to lower freq tire squealing. Angle is used to determine if its a burnout (full throttle) or lockup (full braking) when angle is at 0 (facing directly forward), or loss of control when angle is 45 degrees (sliding sideways). The skids will get more intense as the Skid Angle and Energy increases.

Hope this helps, good luck!