Making a sliding sounds that adapts to the velocity

Hey, I’m making a game and I have an element that is like a ring the user can rotate with the mouse.

I’m a complete noob audio wise and so far did some experiments in Unity trying to make this sound work, no matter what I tried is sounded awful.

Which is why I started considering using FMOD, which is where my question comes in.
How would you approach a sound like that? What things I should record for it?
The sound should be able to adapt to the velocity at which the user rotates the ring while still sounding natural.

I would love if you had some examples/materials/resources.

I managed to upload the clip onto YT, here is how it looks like:

You may want something like this?

Maybe, not really sure if that will work for a sliding sound as it shouldn’t really go “faster” just higher in pitch and louder.

But as I said, I am the noob here so I will give it a go tomorrow and will see if that works.

How would I go about making that or where should I look? Is that the same approach as the car engine from the examples?

Your animation seems like a kind of clock mechanism, that’s why I thought of a gear sound (but use the sound you want!) Indeed, I used the same approach as the car engine (using the autopitch).

You can of course automate only the pitch and loudness, by right clicking those