Skip ahead on event timeline

during cutscenes, there is music playing in fmod. If the player skips the cutscene, I need the position of the music event’s timeline to skip ahead to a specific time.

Will Studio::EventInstance::setTimelinePosition work for this, or is there a better way?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would personally create a transition region that is activated based on a parameter (Play or Skip)

That way, you can create a transition and maybe a fade out to get out of your cutscene music and jump to your new music.

If it’s an option, creating the cutscene and the music that comes after as two separate events could also be helpful for controlling the playback of them.

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What @winthayer has suggested - using a transition region that is controlled by a parameter to transition to a specific point - is exactly what I would recommend, especially since setting the transition up in Studio means that the implementation is less code-heavy. Creating two separate events could also work, but handling this solely in a timeline with transition regions avoid any synchronization issues that managing two separate events can introduce.

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