"Snap to Grid" doesn't work!

Snap to Grid doesn’t work on mac, anyone know how to fix this or is it a bug? :cry:

Thank You!

(If you’re still seeing ‘snap to grid,’ I suspect you’re using an old version of Studio. In later versions, the menu item was renamed to ‘snap to ruler.’) Snap to Grid (or Snap to Ruler) only works on the timeline if a tempo marker is present to the left of the point where you’re trying to snap content. It should work on game parameters without any other special requirements being met.

Thank you Joseph, this is exactly what I’m looking for. :smiley:
I was trying to use the feature just on the timeline without a tempo marker because I haven’t found any reference in the documentation, just “Snap to Grid” on the timeline, I believe hasn’t yet been updated.

Our documentation tends to lag a few patch versions behind our products, to give our documentation writer time to do his job. More recent versions of the manual do include a description of ‘Snap to Grid.’ That said, I notice that the current entry hasn’t been updated in a while… I’ll notify our documentation writer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.