Expected Behaviour Snapshots

Hi there, whilst profiling our audio i noticed that certain snapshots are stacked on top of one another. My expected behaviour would be if the same snapshot is called more than once while its active, FMOD should just retain the snapshot settings until the last reference ends.

This doesn’t seem to be the case whilst analysing the profiling data and as a result a get a sharp transition when CutScenetB ends and reverts to CutSceneA. Heres a vid of the issue The audible issue occurs at 15 seconds.

I am using snapshot instruments as well as intensity curves controlled by a global parameter however, so I am wondering whether they have anything to do with this behaviour?

And just to clarify… CutSceneA and CutSceneB are just different instances of the snapshot right?
Thanks in advanced.


Snapshots aren’t only fixed settings, they also can have a timeline with evolving settings. Launching a snapshot is like launching an event, it will create a new instance of it. The behavior or several stacked instances of snapshots will depend, for instance, on the blend/override mode.
You can limit the number or instances of that snapshot to 1 and stealing to none, which should solve your problem:

By the way, note that the problem is not obvious at all for me, in your exemple, since I’m not involved in that project…

Regardless its helpful insight. Thank you!