Snapshot Reference Events Search lists ALL events (instead of referenced)


used fmod studio version 2.01.07

it seems when searching for event-references of an existing snapshot, ALL events will be shown as an result, instead of the events that are linked to the snapshot.

to reproduce:

make new project
create two events A and B
create new snapshot SNP
make snapshot instrument with SNP in event A
search for referenced events of SNP (right click)
both events A and B will be displayed

this is ofc quite a disappointment, since for big projects it’s nearly impossible to look through each and every event for an possible Snapshot-Reference manually. :upside_down_face:

This is definitely a bug. Finding references of snapshots in events should only return events that use that snapshot as a snapshot instrument. Instead it seems to be displaying everything regardless if it uses the snapshot or not. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Hello @richard_simms is there any news about fixing this bug?

It hasn’t been seen to as of yet, but I will bump it to be looked at sooner.

@richard_simms I would like to add that Serching Return buses in Events produce the same bug, can you just add it to the same report?

I’m not seeing this behaviour. Could you please let me know how you are trying to search for these return buses?

That`s strange. This only happens with existing return buses in my project which I use as aux reverb channels. They have convolution reverbs inserted. When I click on this, it just lists all the events in the project.
But the funny thing is that I can not reproduce this with any new return buses. It just happens with the existing ones in the project. I get the same result for every one of them.
Version is 2.01.09 64-bit and validate project came up with no errors.

Could you please try the following:

  1. When you have clicked on Find Sends > In Events, it should bring up the Events Browser with a query in the search field.
  2. Right click on the Master bus in the mixer and select “Copy GUID”.
  3. In the Events browser search field type “NOT #references:” then paste the GUID to the end of the query

If this doesn’t show the specific events could you show a screenshot of the search query that generates at step one?

Hello, I tried to do as you said but then it only shows all the folders but empty. It’s like the return bus have a reference to the folders themselves.

#references:{921f79b5-0e5a-46a2-88ae-035efa5d39fc} NOT {2a276e49-2749-4212-a39a-72385b29ff07}
this is generated in the search field

That’s very odd. Are you able to package the project without the assets (File > Package Project) and send it over for me to look at? There might be a way to “refresh” the buses that are being affected by this issue. You can DM me a link for privacy.

Sorry for the late answer but this problem apparently went away, we switched the project to 2.02.06. Maybe it`s because of that.