How do I match am event GUID with it's Event Editor common name?

I inherited an FMOD studio project from a prior audio contractor. They have volume automation occurring within a snapshot that I want to delete. (I’m new to snapshots, by the way). But I’m having difficulty tracking down the trigger event.
I have found the offending snapshot where the automation occurs. and when I select “Find References . . . In Events” in an attempt to find the triggering region within an Event, I’m provided with the GUID. I don’t know what to do with that :-/

How do I translate that GUID into it’s associated Event Editor event name?

Hi Robb,

If you are looking at using GUIDs, you can put the GUID in curly brackets inside the search bar of the events browser (eg. “{guid-goes-here}” without the quotation marks).

Alternatively you could open the console (Window > Console) and use the following command:


Which will display the name in the console window.

However, I would like to provide you with a bit more information on snapshots.

Snapshots are a special type of event. You can create and play snapshots in the same manner you do with events, so it is possible that the snapshot you are looking for isn’t being triggered within an event but just called directly in the game.

For more information on snapshots, please take a look at our documentation.


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Thanks, Richard.

I tried searching using the GUID, but I didn’t include the brackets, as you suggest. I’ll try it again.

And good to know the Snapshots might be called in code. I can check with the dev about that.