Soft lock when unplugging headphones

I am getting a soft lock on iOS when unplugging the headphones from the device under a specific circumstance.

Under iOS (tested under an iPad4 and iPhone 4) do the following:

Launch iTunes (or music) and start playing something from iTunes radio.

Launch an unity app that uses fmod studio with an emitter and listener.

Unplug the headphones from the device.

The app will soft lock (it actually runs at about 1 FPM - 1 frame per minute) and will emit distorted audio.

Debug logs will occasionally spew “FMOD Error (ERR_INTERNAL): An error occurred that wasn’t supposed to. Contact support.”

Any work arounds or fixes for this?

It’s looking like Unity is doing something audio related on ‘route change’ that is causing all audio endpoints to be disabled.

It’s hard to know what they might be doing to cause this to happen but I have discovered a potential work around. If you go into build settings -> player settings and tick override iPod music the problem will go away.