Some FMOD Events don't play or play to late

I’m working on a project with FMOD and Unreal Engine 5. The main topic of this project is to build soundscapes of different epochs. I have hundreds of Events in this project but many of them don’t play or I walk to the place of a sound object and it plays only after a lot of seconds. I can’t find any errors in FMOD itself so is the problem in Unreal? Are there any known problems with the auto-activation?

Did you check your max instances and stealing settings, at the event/bus/global level?

Max instances is everywhere unlimited so stealing is deactivated. Should I change this? Because I have hundreds of Instances so I thougt I need it unlimited.

Maybe there are too much event instances for fmod to trigger everything in time. You should at least set priorities, and also maybe virtualisation (or other stealing mode). The profiler could help you to point out the problem.

Working with instance parameters and stealing seems to help, many objects play again, but now the most of my snapshots in my audio volumes are not working. I’ dont know how to bring it back. Will it work again when I control the max instances also in the snapshots? But I hadn’t this problem before I did this in the events.

I think it’s best to record a Live Update profiler session and see what is happening in there. Check if snapshots are actually being called and if there are any weird behaviour with event location spawning.