"Sort by Name" not persisting between sessions for Banks and Mixer Routing

Is it possible to have the Banks and Mixer Routing pages sort by name by default? Every time I sort folders in either of these views, it will reset to a non-logical order when I close and re-open the project.

The events page sorts by name by default, so it would be really nice to have the other views also work the same way so I don’t have to manually sort them just to get a decent view of the contents. I’m on FMOD 2.01.06.


Thanks for reporting this issue. As you say, the banks browser and routing browser should be sorted by name by default.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this issue. When I test here, those two browsers are always sorted by name when I load a project. Could you please possibly send us a copy of a project that exhibits this issue? It was greatly help us in identifying the cause of the problem.

I can definitely do that. What’s the best way to privately send the project to you for troubleshooting?

I have confirmed that the issue still repros if I duplicate the project without including all the audio assets, so the entire project is only a few MB with just the metadata.

You can upload projects for us in the uploads tab of your profile page.

Note that you must have registered your game project with us in order to upload files, but registering only takes a few minutes.

Perfect, I’ve uploaded the project to my account. The easiest repro in the banks tab is to check out the sorting of the Master bank, and nearly all of the buses in mixer routing will exhibit this issue as well. Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide to help troubleshoot.

Thanks for uploading your project. Unfortunately, when I open it here, both the banks browser and the routing browser are sorted alphabetically. (There was one arguable exception: I noticed that three identically-named events assigned to your master bank were positioned adjacent to each other, but were not arranged alphabetically by path. I’m investigating this issue.)

I did notice that the hidden .user folder of the project you uploaded was empty. Certain older versions of FMOD Studio would save custom browser orderings in this folder, so there’s a slight chance you may be able to fix this issue by closing FMOD Studio and then deleting this folder.

Oooh, I see! The events are sorted alphabetically only by the name of the event, not by the full path - I didn’t even notice that since it doesn’t make much sense in this context. I was fully expecting them to be sorted by the entire path name (folders included) and not just the event name at the end.

When I use “Sort by Name” on bank/mixer routing views it sorts by the whole path name, but when re-opening the project it is back to being only sorted by the event name. So this still feels like unintended behavior to me.

I would personally say that having it sort by just the event name isn’t ideal behavior for folders that reference events by the full path. As you can see in the case of my project, it’s a lot easier to analyze those lists when they are sorted by the full path (since it sorts by the folder “categories” and then by event name). Is it possible to have the auto-sorting use the entire path instead of just the event name in these cases?

The fact that “sort by name” and the default sorting of the browsers are not the same is a bug, so I’ve added it to our bug tracker. We’ll fix it in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

The fact that the ordering of browsers does not persist between one FMOD Studio session and the next is intentional, and will not be fixed. Allowing browser ordering to persist from one session to the next (except in cases where browser ordering affects in-game behavior, such as the snapshots browser) would encourage our users to reorder browsers on a per-user basis, which could potentially hinder collaboration, increase the chance of source control conflicts, and/or make the project harder to read, depending on implementation.

That makes complete sense, and honestly it was only the “bug” part of it that was causing annoyance for me. Thanks for the help and I look forward to the future release with this fixed! :slight_smile: