BUG: events order in the browser tab doesn't save

It goes back to alphabetical order after restarting FMOD Studio. Since we can change events order, I’m assuming it’s a bug.
[FMOD 2.02]

This isn’t a bug. The only browser whose ordering is saved in the Snapshots browser, and that’s because the snapshot browser is the only one in which the order of items affects in-game behavior.

Outside of the snapshots browser, the benefit of being able to reorder items within a folder is to allow
a user to put specific items in places where they’re easier to find. We did therefore consider allowing users to save the order of browser items during the early days of FMOD Studio’s development, but we soon realized that in any project subject to source control it would cause more problems than it solved:

  • If the order of browser items was checked in to source control, it would mean that any change one user made to the ordering of items would affect all other users of that project. This meant that if a user (for example) put the events they were currently editing most frequently at the top of the browser, all other users would find the events they were working on had moved further down the browser without warning, making them harder to find and hindering their workflow.
  • On the other hand, if the order of items was not uploaded to source control, and was instead only saved locally, then any user who used multiple machines would find the order of items different on each machine unless they manually reordered all their items in exactly the same way on every machine they used. This would have made re-ordering items more of a hindrance than a help in all but the simplest and easiest to remember of cases.

After considering our options, we decided it was best to alphabetically sort browser items each time the project was loaded. This might not be as convenient as freely rearranging items exactly how you want them, but does guarantee that you can reliably predict where each item will be when you open the project, even if other people are working on that project too.

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