"Sort By Name" not being saved for Audio Bin

I’m just curious why sorting samples by name in the Audio Bin does not get saved with the project. I tend to have to re-sort my samples every time I launch the project in order to view them alphabetically. Also, selecting all parent folders in the audio bin and sorting by name only sorts the folders, not the samples within them. This would be a great feature and/or user pref to add in a future release.


I have also noticed that a simple contextual “Sort by Name” command does not seem to be functioning correctly in some folders. The majority of the folder will be sorted, but there seem to be numerous files at the end left out of order.

See screenshot: http://imgur.com/wuKP6xw

Running Version 1.07.06, 64bit, Build #71893 on Windows 10\


This issue should be addressed in our upcoming 1.08 release. We have reworked the way the Audio Bin works so it is now always sorted alphabetically and refreshes as things change.

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Thats great news, thanks Thuan!