Sort by name in asset folders

Hello i noticied in 2.01.05 win 64-bit , that there is no more sort by name function in assets browser.
Is it a bug or a removed feture?

It’s not a bug. This feature was removed in FMOD Studio version 1.08.00, as that version stopped supporting custom ordering of audio assets.

Back when FMOD Studio was first released, the assets browser (or as we called it then, the audio bin) didn’t actually reflect the folder that a project’s audio files were stored in. There was an folder in each project that contained all that project’s assets, yes, but they had strange GUIDs for filenames and weren’t stored in subfolders folders; the folder structure and asset names that only existed in the project’s metadata.

At the time, there were good reasons for it: FMOD Studio didn’t know how to gracefully handle unexpected changes to the assets folder, so if a user did make changes to those files, they would likely cause problems for their project.

Still, we did want to support users having more control over their assets at some point - and that point was version 1.08.00, which featured a significant overhaul to the way FMOD Studio handled audio assets.

From that version onward, the assets browser reflected the actual contents of an actual folder, instead of a fictional folder that only existed in the project’s metadata and couldn’t be updated outside of FMOD Studio. This change allowed us to make a whole slew of workflow and stability improvements, most notably including the ability to add files to an FMOD Studio project simply by adding them to that folder on disk, instead of having to manually import everything through FMOD Studio.

This meant FMOD Studio had to accurately reflect the content of a project’s assets folder as it was reported by the operating system - and because the contents of a folder could (in theory) be changed by the operating system at any time without warning, there was no easy way for us to support a custom ordering of assets that would be reliably consistent. Instead, we decided the assets browser should always your assets in alphabetical order, which meant there was no need for a context menu item that sorted them into that order. Thus, we removed that context menu item.


Does this mean there will be no further additions/support for asset sorting in the future? One thing that I always thought would be handy was to have a sort by file length feature. This would be really useful when trawling through large projects, setting custom compression settings.


No. It does mean we have no plans to support custom ordering of assets, but we could potentially add support for automatically ordering assets by criteria other than filename.

I’ve added this suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.