Switching delay Parameter

Created adaptive music. But when switching the parameter, to go to the next part, there is a slight delay. I.e. the parameter is already switched, but the transition occurs with a slight delay. The parameter has two values (1 and 0). In the settings of the parameter is instantaneous switching speed. In the game this is noticeable, the character made a movement, and the music has changed with a delay, it looks not very nice…What could be the problem? Or is it a bug?


Could I grab some info: Unity, FMOD Studio, and integration version?

Could I get a screengrab of the event and the code you are using the change the parameter? Or possibly a recording of this happening in Unity?


this happens in fmod studio, and as a consequence also happens in the game.When I switch the parameter, the transition to the transition marker is delayed. There are no conditions for this, everything is set up for an instant transition

There could be a couple of things happening here.
If Delay or Quantization is enabled on the audio track this will cause a pause when moving to the destination marker. You can check if this is enabled in the photo below:

The next thing to check is if there is a little circle next to your transition maker, like in the photo below:

This means a Transition Timeline has been enabled. If so there will be silence as the playback position moves through the timeline.

Hope this helps! If not could I get a Screen grab of the even in FMOD Studio and the version you are currently using?

Here I made a video. All delays are off, in the Off position

Thank you for the video.

What you are experiencing is a limitation of the application. The engine is preparing the sampledata at the new playback destination which takes a non-zero amount of time. Using streams anywhere in the event will also increase this delay.