Sound Following a timeline animation in unreal engine 5

Hello !

In the Stack’o’bot free project that I wanted to sound design i’m facing a problem.
There is a stomper animation triggered by overlaping a tile. If the tile is no longer overlaped, the animation pause and resume when being overlapped again.
Animation follow a “timeline” that is being looped.
To design the sound correctly I would like to make a 6 second loop event in Fmod that follow the movement timeline curve but I can’t find a way to do it.
Could somebody help me with this (or with another solution) ?

Thank you for any help and for Reading me :wink:


Could you elaborate on

Do you have an example sound that you could upload to your Profile or DM to me?

This might work but without your sound, I am not sure how well.

It will start the FMOD Event using the Event Begin Play Node, depending on the start position of the Stomper you could use the Set Timeline Position node to change where the event will begin from. Then it will play and pause the event depending on the trigger.

Hope this helps!

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Just wanted to add you will want to toggle Auto Activate to false on the sound in the Stomper Event Graph

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Thank you very well Connor !

Thanks to you I could deal with the problem ! Now it works well !

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