Soundbanks freezing PS4 when no network connection

I have a critical issue where loading my soundbanks freezes the Playstation in our new build if there is no network connection. This ONLY happens the very first time you open the game.

Has anyone experienced this? It seems like FMOD is trying to make some kind of network connection, but I am really baffled, since this hasn’t been a problem in our previous builds.
If I deactivate my soundbanks I don’t get the issue.

Thank you!

The only thing, to do with networking, that comes to mind would be Live Update.

If you aren’t already testing with the FMOD logging libraries, they might be able to provide more information.

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Thank you Cameron! I’ve disabled live update everywhere in Unity and our programmer is no making a build for the devkit. However, we just realized that this only happens ONE of our two devkits, which makes it even more strange…