Sounding combos and animations

Hi all :),

I´d like to know how game audio professionals manage to sound combos and animations.
I´m working in 1 animation which includes 3 player attacks, that, altogether, constitute the entire animation in Unity.
I thought about a multi-instrument but i think it´s not the best idea, as far as the completion of the combo / animation depends on the skill/decision player, therefore if the player doesn´t play the right keys the animation wouldn´t be completed thus the multi-instrument shouldn´t be the best option.
Another option i thought about was creating different oneshot events for each step of the animation, up to 3 events (the entire combo).

Anyway, what would you do to sound a combo / animation of an attack?

Ty in advance :slight_smile:

I would recommend having an event for each attack and using the Unity animation timeline to play these events as one shots at the times needed. This will sync the sound effects with the animations, which is handy when also taking into consideration combo breakers or attacks that don’t land, etc.

For more information, please see our Unity documentation:

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Thank you very much!