Triggering animations via FMOD's scatter instruments sounds

Pretty new with FMOD and trying to figure out what would be the best course of action for creating an audio reactive installation with FMOD.

I’m currently playing random sound clips with Scatter Instrument, and now I’m hoping to get Unity to trigger different animations etc whenever a sound is triggered in FMOD. Do I have to approach this in reverse, by making Unity send trigger to FMOD to play a sound when an animation is triggered?

Would greatly appriciate any help or feedback on this problem.

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You could probably do this with event callbacks:

Put nested events into the scatterer’s playlist instead of raw sound files, and set up timeline markers in those nested events.

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@s9meNiNE is correct, event callbacks would be a good way to achieve this. You could simply react to an event starting or you could have different behavior depending on the audio file that is playing. Would it be possible to elaborate on the system you wish to implement?