SourceBankPath Error After Update

(Unity ver 2018.2.6f1)
I updated my fmod version 2
and found this error in FMODMigrationUtil.cs

“Assets/Editor/FMODMigrationUtil.cs(117,26): error CS1061: Type FMODUnity.Settings' does not contain a definition forSourceBankPath’ and no extension method SourceBankPath' of typeFMODUnity.Settings’ could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?”

Should i change it to SourceBankPathFull or SourceBankPathRelative or something else?

Here is the code in unity just in case

Settings settings = Settings.Instance;

var prefKey = “FMODStudioProjectPath_” + Application.dataPath;

var prefValue = EditorPrefs.GetString(prefKey);
if (prefValue != null)
settings.SourceBankPath = prefValue as string; //error here
settings.SourceBankPath += “/Build”; //and here
settings.HasSourceProject = false;

The FMODMigrationUtil.cs was removed in 2.0.

When upgrading major versions (eg. 1.10 -> 2.0) it is probably a good idea to remove as much of the old integration as possible before adding the new one, to avoid errors like this occurring.

I will get this step added to our Updating/Upgrading guide and look into a way of automating this in the future.

Thanks for the reply, i only deleted the one in the guide
but after that, i changed SourceBankPath into SourceBankPathRelative which fixed it (i don’t know if that actually fixed it) and i don’t see any issue with my previously implemented sound/music

Is this okay or should i redo the update?

That will be fine, it may only be an issue if you needed to use the Migration script which you won’t because it was for migrating from a much older Unity integration.

got it
thanks for the help