SourceBankPathUnformatted destroyed by SourceBankPathRelative

Hi. We have multiple team members working on a project, and it’s impractical for us to work out of the exact same folders/drives on our machines. So I went ahead and changed sourceProjectPath and SourceBankPathUnformatted inside FMODStudioSettings.asset to relative paths (i.e. ../FMOD/Game.fspro and ../FMOD/Build respectfully).

There are 2 problems, but the bigger one is that SourceBankPathUnformatted is getting set an absolute path once refreshed inside Unity (i.e. C:/Work/Game/FMOD/Build), which as an example breaks things on the Mac.

Workarounds: I noticed that if I changed FModStudioSettings from inside Unity to the Multi Platform Build mode, it would not destroy this setting… until I switched it back to Project mode. This isn’t practical though as we’d like to leave it on Project mode. I just wanted to point out that I was able to make it operate as expected if I changed the mode.

What we did internally to workaround the issue was to stop SourceBankPathRelative's setter from writing SourceBankPathUnformatted. I didn’t want to dig too deeply in to the FMOD Unity internals to correct the incorrect Path->Absolute Path conversion, but it would be great if this got fixed in an updated version.

Unity 2019.1.14f1 with FMOD Unity Integration 2.00.04.

Thanks for the feedback, currently the integration use a relative path but only if the linked project/directory is in the Unity project folder next to the Assets folder.

We do have plans on improving this and more in the near future.