Defining a Relative Path for Studio Project

I was wondering if any of you had the answer to this.

I have an FMOD project I’m trying to integrate with Unity, but the team I am working with are using Github to sync up all our changes over online.

I was wondering if I can define a ‘Relative Path’ in the Unity-Fmod integration package’s FMOD dropdown menu, there is a an option to ‘Edit Settings’ where you can define the file path of the studio project in Unity’s inspector window.

But my filepath on my computer will be different from theres, is there any way to fix this up so we don’t have to keep repointing Unity to the Fmod project every time??

Yes, you can use relative paths.

What I do personally with a similar setup is have FMOD build the FMODAssets folder directly into the Assets folder of the Unity project and then simply use the Single/Multiple Platform Build to point to the bank files instead. In my case the path is “Assets\FMODAssets”. This way you can use a relative link within the Unity project and your settings should remain intact for the entire team via GitHub.

Instructions are here under “Pointing to a folder containing .bank files”:

I’m guessing you could do this with the FMOD Project as well as long as you have it synced into your repo, assuming there’s a specific reason you wanted to do the Project path vs pointing to .bank files.


Hey Zeke, really appreciate your help so far!

The reason I’m asking to do this with the Fmod Project is because that is the error I am getting from the Unity compiler, not to do with the bank files specifically, I believe, it’s just that it seems to have to relocate the Fmod project anytime the repo is redownloaded or pulled from Git, sorry.

I tried to follow the instructions, but it doesn’t appear to have worked for me… I placed the Fmod project file a ‘.fspro’ file into the Assets directory of the Unity project, but it doesn’t seem to be able to read it at all that way.

Do you any more specific advice you could offer?

Thank you!

Ah, hmm. First off, the fact that you have to relocate the project every time the repo is re-downloaded sounds like perhaps an issue with the FMOD settings file that stores the info.

You should verify that your project has a \Assets\Resources\FMODStudioSettings.asset file and that it is synced to your repo and has a “SourceBankPath:” with your relative link defined in it. You can check this by opening the file in a text editor.

Secondly, it shouldn’t really matter where your FMOD project is in relation to the Unity project as long as it is consistent for all of your team members. You’ll need to have the entire FMOD project though, not just the .fspro file (I would assume). This includes anything in the folder that originally included the .fspro file (Assets, Metadata, Plugins, etc). I can’t speak as an expert when it comes to using the FMOD project files to link with Unity though since I haven’t personally done it that way.