FMODStudioSettings.asset source bank path uses wrong slash in folder path for Mac compability

With the latest Unity integration 2.00.07, we are seeing an issue with the sourceBankPath in FMODStudioSettings.asset. When I browse to the bank folder on my PC, it sets the path using a backslash. This apparently doesn’t work correctly if you are using Unity on a Mac.

When my teammate browsed to the banks folder on his Mac, it set the path with a forward slash, which works on both his Mac and my PC.

Here’s a copy of his commit which fixed the issue, for reference:

Unity version: 2019.2.9f1

Are you both on the same version of the FMOD Unity Integration? It should always be using a forward slash.

Yes, our project is in source control and we are both on the same integration version. This happened right after updating the project to 2.00.07 (which did force me to re-locate my banks folder after updating). I can also confirm that this happened on my other project when I upgraded to 2.00.07.

I also fully deleted and re-generated the FMODStudioSettings.asset just in case and it still put in a backslash for the path.

Apologies for the delay, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are aiming to have the fix for this in the next release.